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With the introduction of counterfeit AzBox units manufactured by several factories in China, a few unscrupulous retailers have started to sell AzBox products without first becoming an authorised AzBox Americas dealer. Please note that products purchased from these unauthorised retailers will receive NO support or warranty. For these reasons, we highly recommend only purchasing AzBox products from authorised AzBox Americas dealers.

When an unauthorised AzBox retailer is discovered by or reported to AzBox Americas, we first provide them with 48 hours as a courtesy to voluntarily stop selling all AzBox products and to remove all references from their online and/or retail store. Retailers who refuse to collaborate or ignore us after 48 hours are then added to our unauthorised retailers list below in order to warn the public that they are not authorised to sell AzBox products in the North American market.

As of September 18, 2019, the following 1 unauthorised retailers have been confirmed:

Worldwide Satellites http://worldwidesatellites.com/azbox-c-21_157.html
7222 Torbram Rd. Unit 16, Mississauga, ON L4T3V2 CANADA

The following 5 retailer(s) have since ceased selling AzBox products after being identified as an unauthorised retailer:

GO Satellite http://www.gosatellite.com/collections/fta-receivers/azbox
B3-1410 Parkway Blvd #16, Coquiltlam, BC V3E3J7 CANADA

Incredible Entertainment http://www.incrediblefta.com/products/302/azbox.html
106 - 13569 76th Ave., Surrey, BC V3W2W3 CANADA

"watching-tv and accessories" eBay store http://myworld.ebay.ca/tv-watcher
Gloucester, ON CANADA

Research Electronics http://www.researchelectronic.com/fta.php?sub=2&rcv=15
100 Frobisher Dr. Unit # 12, Waterloo, ON N2V2A1 CANADA

Tek2000 aka Satellites Gallore http://www.tek2000.com
2400 Midland Ave., Suite 112, PO Box 111, Scarborough, ON M1S1P8 CANADA

Please note that our newest AzBox products such as the AzBox miniMe American Edition are manufactured with a proprietary security dongle installed inside the unit which makes it impossible to counterfeit.

AzBox Americas remains committed in protecting the AzBox brand in the North American market by taking several measures up to and including legal action in collaboration with HTCE Limited against unauthorised usage of its AzBox trademark and preventing the sale of counterfeit units in the North American marketplace.

If you accidentally purchased an AzBox product from an unauthorised retailer, please contact us and we will assist you in going after the unauthorised seller to try and get your money back!

AzBox Canada is the official Canadian AzBox distributor and AzBox US is the official distributor of AzBox products for the United States.