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Name: Tek2000 aka Satellites Gallore

Contact: Alex Portillo (aka John Simpson, aka Carlos)
Address: 2400 Midland Ave., Suite 112, PO Box 111, Scarborough, ON M1S1P8 CANADA
Web: http://www.tek2000.com
eMail: sales@tek2000.com
eBay ID: tek2000_satellite, satellites-gallore

Infringing products sold:
AZBox Premium HD +
DVB-S2 tuner (AZBox Premium HD)

Notes: Selling counterfeit Premium HD Plus units and other goods made in China.
Website does not have any verifiable contact information such as address or phone number so BUYER BEWARE!

Selling on eBay using accounts tek2000_satellite and satellites-gallore to circumvent new eBay member selling limits. Multiple selling accounts on ebay are not allowed as per their terms and conditions.

Selling on Amazon under the name of Tek 2000 with counterfeit Premium HD Plus unit being sold under ASIN B00PTPT8UO.

UPDATE: eBay has now delisted the counterfeit Premium HD Plus item that was being sold under the satellites-galllore seller account

UPDATE: Amazon has now removed the counterfeit Premium HD Plus item that was being sold under the name of Tek 2000

Used to post as rooneysat on SatelliteGuys.US and have since gotten banned!
Used to post as Boss on his satellitetesters.com forum which the domain has since then been shut down by ICANN due to that forum's participation in satellite piracy.

Currently posting as cbandsat on Digital Home.

Participates on various discussion forums posting fake reviews under the following usernames: cbandsat, cbandguy, lenny500, sat_boy, thecbandguy and boss

Also operates tvrosat.com and satellitetesters.com, his own discussion forums with numerous shill member accounts all operated by the same person giving the false impression that his site has more members than it really has. On satellitetesters.com, he is actively trying to scam people into C-band satellite piracy in order to push his mesh dish sales.

Please note that Tek2000 has no physical retail location, phone number or confirmed address on their website. They use a P.O. Box at Envoy Business Services as an anonymous address. Several SatelliteGuys.US members are currently investigating this suspicious retailer and we wish to thank them for discovering some of the above contact information. This profile will be updated as more information is discovered.

UPDATE: Infringing product now listed as Out of stock with ETA of Discontinued

Unauthorised retailer identified on: March 21, 2014
Retailer ceased selling AzBox products on: March 7, 2016

Accidentally purchased an AzBox product from Tek2000 aka Satellites Gallore?
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