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Name: Research Electronics

Contact: Hao Lam
Address: 100 Frobisher Dr. Unit # 12, Waterloo, ON N2V2A1 CANADA
Phone: 519-888-0188
Web: http://www.researchelectronic.com/fta.php?sub=2&rcv=15
eMail: sales@researchelectronic.com

Infringing products sold:
AZBox Premium PLUS HD
DVB-S2 tuner for AzBox Premium Plus HD

Notes: Opeates a retail storefront under the name of Research Electronics.
Used to sell Sonicview clone receivers

Research Electronics is a sister retail outlet of Worldwide Satellites!

Unauthorised retailer identified on: January 10, 2013
Retailer ceased selling AzBox products on: December 15, 2015

Accidentally purchased an AzBox product from Research Electronics?
Please contact us ASAP and we will assist you in getting your money back!
AzBox Canada is the official Canadian AzBox distributor and AzBox US is the official distributor of AzBox products for the United States.